Lumber Crisis

How to manage the lumber crisis in America The lumber crisis Lumber, Lumber lumber who could have guessed that lumber would have been a casualty of the pandemic. The Coronavirus keeps us guessing as to which product will be out of stock next. Remember the TP crisis of spring 2020? Now we can add a […]

Custom Doors for your IKEA Kitchen

As you glance through social media, there is no shortage of pictures of dreamy kitchens. You know the ones that I am referring to. Upon seeing them you stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Can that be my kitchen? Can I afford it?” Most often the answer is: No. Mainly because a custom kitchen […]

Is a Apron/Farmhouse Sink right for me?

As you glance thru Pinterest, Facebook or any other media, you will see a growing theme when it comes to kitchen sinks, The Farmhouse or Apron sink.  Although you will find the terms used interchangeably, with certain manufacturers there may be a distinction. An Apron front sink can refer to sinks that call for a […]

Which Kitchen Sink should I choose?

Far from being just utility, the kitchen sink can be used to add the final touch to your kitchen.  In our over 600 kitchen installations, we’ve come across a wide array of sink types.  The economic  drop in sink,  the sleek undermount and the stately apron sink.  Each posses an appeal. The Economic Drop In […]

How should I maintain my Stainless Steel sink?

As was discussed in a previous article, Stainless Steel is not impervious to stains, but it is a wonderful stain resistant material.  That being said, here are few suggestions to keep your sink looking beautiful. Cleaning your sink Clean your sink with a soft abrasive cleaner, such as baking soda*. Apply a thin layer.   […]

Is All Stainless equal?

Today you can find sinks in a variety of materials, cast iron, stainless steel, composite, ceramic and clay. The most common is Stainless Steel. And the reason for that is simple, stainless steel is versatile and inexpensive.  No matter the sink type, drop-in, undermount or apron stainless is a good material, sometimes the best. However […]

The truth behind granite

What is the single most important thing that can affect the resale value of your home?  Your Kitchen!  In fact you can focus it down even further to your countertop. Due to the multitude of “Home Renovations’ shows available today, everybody seems to be looking for the same things in their homes, open kitchen layouts, […]

I want a new IKEA Kitchen but..

I want a new IKEA kitchen… So you went to IKEA, fell in love with a kitchen, and best of all it is on sale! You’re imagining yourself in your beautiful new Kitchen, how neat and organized it is, everything has its own place, and the new cabinetry just brightens your whole disposition.   But you stop, […]

Got IKEA Kitchen questions?

When considering an IKEA kitchen, many people have questions. After wandering in the kitchen department, gazing at all the possibilities, many people walk away with questions and concerns. And we want to help, that is the purpose of our blog. My husband and I own an operate an IKEA Kitchen Installation business. (P.A.T. Installations, Our business […]