Which Kitchen Sink should I choose?

Far from being just utility, the kitchen sink can be used to add the final touch to your kitchen.  In our over 600 kitchen installations, we’ve come across a wide array of sink types.  The economic  drop in sink,  the sleek undermount and the stately apron sink.  Each posses an appeal.

The Economic Drop In Sink
drop in sink, granite countertop

The Drop in Sink, (or Top Mount)  has been around the longest.  Also this design of sink is made from a variety of materials Stainless, Cast Iron and Composite. 

The biggest drawback to the Drop In Sink, is in it’s name.  Many kitchen designers and homeowners have shied away from seeing the lip of their sink ontop of their beautiful countertop.  Also the lip can be a magnet for scum and dirt.  And if it is installed in correctly is can be a source of leaks.

That being said, this sink is easily available, affordable and relatively easy to install.  In fact, for most “do it yourselfers” this sink would be the only choice since the other sinks require coordination with countertop manufacturer. 

The Sleek Undermount
undermount kitchen sink

With the prevalence of the Modern Kitchen, came this sleek design. The Undermount sink, is made from a variety of material with the  most common being stainless steel.  It has design options, like Single or Double Bowl.  And even rounded corners for easier cleaning. 

The undermount sink also provides the homeowner with a cleaner work surface as there are no edges for dirt or scum to accumulate on.  A definite plus.

Unfortunalty, the undermount sink is not for the do it yourselfer.  It requires coordination with your  countertop manufacturer.  Generally undermount sinks are installed under Stone Countertops, since the countertop cut edge is exposed to moisture, but there are undermount sinks, made from composite that can be installed in laminate countertops, that too would require a professional installation. 

This sink provides muted presence in your kitchen, putting the focus on your cabinetry,  countertop and backsplash. 

The Stately Farmhouse (Apron) Sink
farmhouse apron sink'

Appearing more and more in kitchen design is the Farmhouse Apron sink, with its defining characteristic an apron that replaces a section of the counter/ sink cabinet. 

When looking for a Farmhouse sink, you will come across a term called “Fireclay” sink.  Fireclay has to do with the process for molding the sink.  The clay is molded to dry at high temperature, once dried the porcelain enamel is applied to it and the sink is once again “baked” at a high temperature (up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.)  This process infuses the clay and enamel together, leaving both stronger.   Due to this method, Farmhouse sinks can be quite pricy.  You can also find Farmhouse  sinks  made from Cast Iron or Stainless Steel. 

Farmhouse sinks can be installed either on top or undermount, depending on the style of sink purchased.  Due to the inherit installations issues, a farmhouse sink should be installed by a professional. 

So if you want, if you want your sink to create a presence for itself, choose the Farmhouse Sink.

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