Got IKEA Kitchen questions?

When considering an IKEA kitchen, many people have questions. After wandering in the kitchen department, gazing at all the possibilities, many people walk away with questions and concerns. And we want to help, that is the purpose of our blog.

My husband and I own an operate an IKEA Kitchen Installation business. (P.A.T. Installations, Our business venture with IKEA began in the summer of 2004.  A brand new IKEA Furniture store was being built in New Haven, Connecticut. And we became their Certified Kitchen Installers.  We’ve been proudly servicing IKEA New Haven and it customers for that last 16 years, traveling all throughout the State of Connecticut and even beyond it’s borders.

We’ve been met with various kitchens issues, concerns and questions but some things seems to be on the mind of every consumer. In the following posts I will address some common questions or concerns that people have had regarding IKEA Cabinetry, Kitchen Remodeling, Countertops and Sinks.


Shelly Solomine

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