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I want a new IKEA Kitchen but..

I want a new IKEA kitchen…

So you went to IKEA, fell in love with a kitchen, and best of all it is on sale! You’re imagining yourself in your beautiful new Kitchen, how neat and organized it is, everything has its own place, and the new cabinetry just brightens your whole disposition.   But you stop, begin wonder as a result your dream kitchen does not feel like it can be a reality?  What stopped you? The Unknowns!

First on the list of unknowns is how much will this really cost me?

For anyone who has done any sort of remodeling you know that there are always unexpected costs, ranging from “no big deal” to “oh no that’s a big deal”.

And a close Second  to that is how long will it take?

No one wants to be without a kitchen, it’s the hub of house, the center of activity.  So mentally preparing yourself for the realistic amount of time required to remodel your kitchen is very important for your sanity.

And the Final unknown is, who will do the work?

A lot of the IKEA products are designed for homeowners to be able to do the work.  And for the proficient “do it your selfers” this may be true when it comes to doing your own kitchen.   But in reality, a kitchen remodel requires the expertise of many professions.    Hiring professionals to help you complete your project will effect the cost, timeframe and durability of your project.

Now that we’ve discussed the worries, what should your next steps be in getting your dream IKEA kitchen?

Step 1: Design your Kitchen.  Be Accurate Don’t Rush!

This is the cornerstone of your IKEA Kitchen Remodel.  An accurate Kitchen design will provide professionals the ability to estimate their costs/time required to complete the job accurately.

The only way to have an accurate design is precise kitchen measurements.  Most often, remodeling headaches begin with improper kitchen measurements followed by inaccurate kitchen designs.  This headache can hurt the wallet as well as delay your having a functioning kitchen.  Your local IKEA Kitchen Installers offer professional measurement services to alleviate this worry.

Once you have accurate measurements, you can either design the kitchen yourself using the IKEA Kitchen Planner tool or hire an IKEA Kitchen professional to design it for you.  If you are designing it yourself, take care to enter in all measurements correctly, once the measurements are in place, start imagining your kitchen.

It goes without saying that a kitchen design that doesn’t change the existing layout will cost less and be quicker to remodel.

Step 2: Determine what Professional Services you will need.

Some homeowners opt to hire a General Contractor.

A general contractor will take over your project, and as part of this service he will hire the required professionals to complete your project.  To pay for his time to manage your construction project he will mark up the estimates given to him by the other laborers.   HOWEVER, you can save yourself some money if you decide to become the GC of your project. 

So how do you GC your own kitchen remodel?  As mentioned previously, most kitchen remodels require the assistance of experienced and licensed laborers.  The list can include: Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC technicians, Masons and Contractors.  Knowing this, being your own GC requires that you review your project and decide which professional services you’ll need.  Once you have decided whom you will need, submit your kitchen design to the professional(s) of your choice for an estimate.

Step 3: Schedule your Remodel

Once you’ve determined the amount and time required for each professional to complete their job. Now it is time to schedule your work.  Each remodel is unique.

See chart below for a sample kitchen remodel schedule.  In this scenario, the homeowner is removing and replacing the kitchen cabinetry and floor, adding under cabinet lighting, removing and replacing sink and countertop with granite, and installing new tile backsplash.

Local ContractorDrop off night before
Keep for 1-2 weeks
as needed
Old Kitchen
Tear Out
PAT Installations
IKEA Kitchen Installer  
[email protected],
Need 1 day –
to remove old kitchen.
Place in dumpster
Tile Floor
Remove &
Local Contractor.
Ask PAT Installations if they can
assist you with this.
1 day to remove tile
2 – 3 days to replace tile
Allow for 1 day to set tile
then 1 day to grout tile,
finally 1 day to dry grout
ElectricianElectrician to add wires for
undercabinet lighting,
update plugs
PlumberPlumber to
update plumbing.
IKEA Kitchen
IKEA DELIVERYCount cabinets,
place in room
adjacent to kitchen area
IKEA Kitchen
Assembly &
PAT Installations LLC,
IKEA Kitchen Installer
2 days to
assemble and install
Local ContractorSchedule template for
after installation.
Fabrication/ Installation
Hook up
Plumber1 day Hook up sink.
BacksplashLocal contractor1 day to Install tile backsplash
Followed by 1 day to dry and
1 day to grout

So now you know all the Unknowns!  What are you waiting for?