IKEA Kitchen Installations

IKEA Kitchen Installations

P.A.T. Installations has had the privilege of servicing IKEA New Haven since it opened it’s doors in New Haven, CT.

IKEA New Haven Kitchen Installations

P.A.T. Installations has served IKEA New Haven as a Certified IKEA Kitchen installer for over 10 years. But sadly as of late, IKEA has made a corporate change to no longer support smaller local installations companies in favor of a larger corporation. So for the time being, you many not be given our business card or information at IKEA New Haven, but we have established and maintained a sterling reputation among the IKEA staff.

We are proud of our decision to remain a small business because it allows us to focus on quality and customer satisfaction versus volume.

Below you will see some of the IKEA New Haven Kitchen displays that P.A.T. Installations installed.

“In the 15 plus years of our installing IKEA kitchen cabinets, we have enjoyed being a part of the kitchen makeover experience with our customers.”

Patrick & Shelly Solomine, P.A.T. Installations LLC

Before & After Kitchen Installations

Some spaces require looking at things in a different light, and imagining the space in a new way. This combined with serious thought on how you will be using the space results in the best overall makeover.

Check out some of our Before & After pictures

Each kitchen remodel present challenges.

Because the customer wanted a more efficient kitchen space, the decision was made to close off a doorway. This also allowed for us to move the oven onto an exterior wall so the kitchen could be vented properly.

To allow for more light, we opened up the exterior walls and installed double French doors to the outside. Because the sink wall was opened up for the French doors, the sink was moved and a dishwasher was installed below the windows. Pantry cabinets were installed in place of the previous sink cabinet for storage. And finally an island was installed so as to create better work triangle. To create more light undercabinet lighting was installed.

Because this kitchen was dated, the customer wanted to completely remodel it.

This involved tearing out everything to the studs, ripping out the ceiling and the floor. New sheetrock was installed for the walls and ceiling and a new subfloor with ceramic tile was installed. Because the customer wanted to incorporate a wall oven and microwave, the wall was extended into the adjacent room. While keeping the sink in its existing place, due to restraints, a glass cabinet with spot lighting was installed so as to create a bright atmosphere. New subway tile with glass accent tiles were installed to create a clean uncluttered look. The cooktop wall was was set back to match the extended wall on the opposing side. This allowed for more work space in the kitchen. The subway tile and accent tiles were installed all the way to the top of the wall cabinets.

Because a kitchen is the heart of the home it has to be inviting and comfortable as well as functional.

The peninsula inhibited traffic flow, so in the new design, the peninsula was changed to an island. This opened up space to install a pantry wall oven and the island contained drawers for convenient storage. An exhaust hood was installed in place of the vented microwave increasing airflow as well as creating more workspace around the stove.

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